Get to Know the Doctor

Dr. German Arzate Dr. German Arzate DDS is a highly experienced and skilled dentist who founded Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry, an incredible dental clinic in Cancun, Mexico that uses top-quality materials to perform dental procedures of the highest precision and quality for fractions of the prices they would cost to have done in the U.S. or Canada.  Dr. German Arzate is dedicated to helping individuals who do not have insurance or cannot otherwise afford oral health care that they need.  Dr. Arzate’s over 20 years of experience as a dentist, over 9 years of experience putting in dental implants, fluent English-speaking and impeccable customer service make him a dentist you can count on for every aspect of your dental wants and needs.

Dr. Arzate is renowned for his work in the field.  Just last year, in 2012, he was the first Mexican dentist to ever be featured in Newsweek Magazine’s showcase for the Leaders in Implant Dentistry.  Arzate and his clinic are pioneers and leaders in the field of dental tourism, primarily for Canadians and North Americans.  Dental Tourism is the practice of people travelling outside their country to get their oral healthcare needs taken care of at prices they can afford.  His inclusion on this list of leaders was well deserved, as he was the individual who brought Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry to where it is today and helped to establish the clinic as a sought-after, well known facility by people all over the world.

While the clinic offers a wide range of services, they are best known for the success and customer satisfaction of their dental implants and snap- on dentures.  Dr. German Arzate has personally placed thousands of dental implants.  He speaks fluent English, which enables him to fully communicate with patients and explicate exactly how the procedure will work.  Clients know exactly what they are getting and are excited about the stunning results that they get.

Outside of his impressive career as a dentist, Dr. German Arzate’s passion lies in his artwork.  A hobby he has pursued throughout his life, Dr. Arzate is a Dr. German Arzategifted sculptor, who works primarily in marble, wood, and metals, such as bronze.  He is well known for this work and has had his sculptures exhibited at various museums throughout Mexico.

Dr. German Arzate is the only dentist one should seek if they are looking for expert work that is also affordable in terms of oral health care.  Did we mention- Dr. Arzate and his team of dentists can give you the Hollywood Smile you’ve always wanted in just 7 days!  Imagine, a trip to Cancun, Mexico, where you come back sun-kissed AND with a dazzling white new smile! What could be better? Call Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry today to start planning your incredible dental vacation! Dr. German Arzate and his staff can’t wait to meet you!